Stock, Payment and Delivery Policy

The range of goods I am offering is shown for each item of produce; not all photographs are representative of the sizes for sale.

Payment is taken at the time of order.  Of course, if I am unable to deliver as ordered by you I will make a refund.  You can pay by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) which is processed by Stripe, or by bank transfer to Richard Goodenough 60-83-71 19187481 (this is my Palestinian Produce account; under the ‘confirmation of payee scheme’ the personal name has to be used, not the ‘trading as’ name).

Please note that if you want goods delivered to an address other than your home address you must still enter your home address as ‘billing’ address and specify the ‘shipping’ address as elsewhere. This is because your ‘billing’ address is cross-checked with your credit card address and if they do not agree the order will fail.

My margins are slim so delivery charges are calculated to recover most of the cost of postage and packing.  Orders are usually collected by Royal Mail the day following the day of order.  Charges are shown in your basket when you press ‘Calculate Shipping’.

Tresham, GL12 7RW:  free of charge, goods loosely wrapped and delivered by hand.
Rest of the UK: £4.50 or more, depending on insurance/weight, by Royal Mail, using recycled packaging.
There is also a Pre-Arranged Collection option if it is convenient for you or a friend to collect the goods.

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