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    These Fairtrade Palestinian almonds are named after Om al-Fahem, the ancient village where this large, sweet, and crunchy almond originated.

    The almond trees thrive on the rocky terrain, and growers from across 15 villages in the Jenin area of the West Bank pick and shell the whole almonds by hand before baking them naturally in the sun to preserve their natural sweetness. Grab a few for an all-natural sweet treat, or drop a few into your recipes to give your food an extra ethical flavour.

    I find that they’re tastier than their compatriots from the USA from where I used to get mine.

    Recipe Hint:

    Homemade marzipan without refined sugar can be made from just almonds and dates – see Kim Nielson’s recipe.

    PLEASE NOTE none of the almonds are currently organic but they are all fairtrade.

    While the 500g pouches are unavailable from Zaytoun I am splitting 5kg bags of almonds in to 1kg ‘zip’ bags which I believe to be a useful size but my bags do not have attractive outer packaging.

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    150g bag, 500g bag, 3 x 500g case, 1kg bag split from a 5kg bag, 5kg bag

    1 review for Almonds

    1. Nicola Cardy (verified owner)

      Amazing almonds! really large, sweet and fresh. Great flavour.

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