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    Maftoul (meaning “hand-rolled”) is a traditional Palestinian grain made from bulgur and whole wheat flour, otherwise known as Palestinian Giant Couscous.

    Women prepare it today just as their grandmothers have always done, working together to crack, hand-roll and dry the organic wheat in the glorious Palestinian sun.  Its firm texture and nutty flavour make it a delicious alternative to other grains.

    It’s not like the couscous we are used to which can turn out like semolina!

    Recipe Hint:
    As an alternative to rice, try frying the maftoul in olive oil for a few minutes and then adding boiling water a bit at a time until the grains have swollen and absorbed all the water.

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    200g box, 1kg pouch, 3 x 1kg case, 5kg bag

    1 review for Maftoul

    1. Hannah Goodenough (verified owner)

      Absolutely delicious and totally different to typical cous cous. Has a lovely, wholesome and hearty taste to it and the larger, firmer structure means it holds its texture and doesn’t clump.

      We enjoy it with vegetable tagines and salads. My two young children are also huge fans, so we all enjoy eating it at least once a week!

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