Welcome to Palestinian Produce

Broadbean Digital (courtesy of my son, Conrad, and his wife, Hannah) have made this lovely website for me through which I can bring Palestinian produce to you.  I have contacted many friends in the hope of stimulating interest to try the produce and I hope you will tell your family and friends.  If you have come direct to the website rather than by receiving an email from me you can read what inspired me to produce this website two thirds down the Home page under Palestinian Produce.

For it is in a really good cause.  Not only does purchasing their produce directly benefit Palestinian people but profits from this venture will be donated to two charities that work in Palestine:

Zaytoun supports an olive tree planting project, which is implemented by the Palestine Fair Trade Association and provides olive & almond saplings to Palestinian farmers.  While the program covers the majority of the cost of the saplings, the farmers pay a symbolic percentage as a demonstration of their commitment.

MAP, Medical Aid for Palestinians provides healthcare across Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon.

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